Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eid Special

Since I wont be able to bake the infamous Sarawak's Layered cake for Doha peeps for this coming Eid, I tot I'd share one of the best recipe that I've tried (and agreed by many as super yummilicous) complete with some guidance on how to bake. Hopefully you'll enjoy trying it on your own.. here goes;

The Recipe: Ninja Turtle layered cake

::The ingredients::

15 eggs (gred A)
380g of fine sugar
380g of flour
80g of corn flour
230g of instant milk powder
500gm of butter
1 tablespoon of ovalette
1 tablespoon of butter essence (in my case, i replace it with vanilla essence)

::The How To::
Bowl A

Beat the egg till fluffy, add in sugar, and beat well.
Put in ovallete, mix well.
Add in corn flour, instant milk powder and flour and mix well with low speed.

Bowl B

In a different bowl (bowl B), beat the butter till fluffy. (It is important to beat the butter separately to ensure a super-moist end product ;) )
Once the butter is fluffy enough, add into bowl A. Mix well then add in butter essence.

Bonus pic: The miss ateMYRAble (tengah menyibuk kat dapur).

Now, divide the batter into 4 different bowls of a same size. On each bowl, add in your own prefered colour, in my case; blue, red, yellow and chocolate (i use chocolate emulco; to add a sense of chocolate taste)
Use a 9" x 9" tray, cut out a grease paper to fit. Then smoothen some butter onto the inner surface. Next, take a spoonful of the chocolate batter and put one on every corner and lay them around the tray like picture below;

Bake in a pre-heated oven (Top flare only). As far i as learned, it is recommended to use a gas oven rather than electric, and there's no telling on how long to expect for each layer to be done. What i did is, i'd see if the layer's surface is thicken and is not bounchy, then it is done.. (this is why it is better to go through practical class than reading through simple manual like mine.. hehe). But for those who already familiar on how to bake layered cake, this shouldn't be a problem after all~ ;) One useful tips when using gas oven is to put some water in a heat-resistance bowl while baking in it; to prevent over-heating and to maintain moisture.

Keep on layering and baking for each alternate colours until you reach the top tray. Well.. to tell you the truth the ninja-turtle part is when you make a diagonal layer of each colour at the middle of the cake; so you'll end up with a beautiful designed-layered cake; which I completely ignored, as for me, the taste that mattered.. hehe.

Now, go ahead and try it for this coming Eid, and see if you enjoy it as much as i did. Good luck!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Out of Doha

Hiya, really sorry that i forgot to update, I'm currently away from Doha, and is currently enjoying our festive time in Malaysia with families and friends~.. So, i won't be able to take any more order until further notice... thank you.. Eid Mubarak to all~~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Theme: The it (eat) bag

A special custome-made 'It' bag for Dills *ehem*#-th birthday.

Theme: Assorted minis

Four mini fondant cakes for belated birthday wishes to the four Augustians.

Theme: Tom & Jerry

Another order for a whole birthday cake. I don't have the edible-image printer, so oughtta draw them myself. Luckily enough they do resembled the famous Tom & Jerry toon.. (barely!)