Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Theme: Luxurious travel luggage

I was crazy to attempt this cake design. It was for a farewell. Nobody asked, just tot i give it a shot.. and didn't think it'll turn up this great! (haha.. pardon my self-complement, but it took me a while to figure out this cake, and sleepless nites to get it done.. so i deserve a lil credit for my effort :))

The Lenotre restaurant (our venue for the farewell party) won't allow outside cake to be brought in, so I wrapped it nicely as a prezent, in theme with the night- Polkas!
 So there's 1 LV Monogram trunk, 1 LV damier luggage, 1 Chanel luggage and a travel Celine.. all made by hand (including the imprints! yeah.. i was that crazy! Many thanks to Myra's ruler ;)

 Farewell Zakiah! Sure glad you enjoyed the luxurious cake. :)